Quilted case..

Needed a cover for new sat nav, so decided upon this combination. Summersville fabric with black cord inside. Quilting attempt went well, the wadding I used was quite thick though so not as neat inside as I hoped. Zip was also tricky to insert as I was using up what I had in my sewing box (as you do!) to save buying anything new. So not ideal, but think it does the job! It will do until I decide to make something else. Some pockets would be good for attempt number two! Would do the zip differently as well…

sat nav case


It felt good to get get the sewing machine out again, so much so that I’ve already started my next project which will be a Burda Young top 7051 with this fabric… another slipperly customer here but hopefully it won’t fray as much as my last one, so fingers crossed should be easier??

black fabricbd-7051_YSB


One step forward…

Well the summer pj’s turned out a complete disaster, not sure whether it was my pattern hack or what but something went wrong along the way.. I didn’t take a photo as I was too embarrassed! Needless to say its back to the drawing board for something new. I’ve got a couple of options, the Burda top – which I’ve done before or the Simplicity vintage? I know which one I’d like to try but may stay on the safe side after my last disaster!! Any advice?


s1692_env_front              bd-7051_YSB



New beginnings…

It has been a while, OK I must admit, a long while, but thought it was a good time to start afresh with Sew Lisa Loo. I had good intentions when I started this blog but work, life, everything sort of got in the way! I think you know what I mean! So new beginning.. the sewing has stalled a bit but am desperately hoping to get things back on track, my fabric stash is starting to build up and I know that it needs some urgent attention! Am forgetting the basics which is never a good thing, so need to get back into the sewing swing of things!

Favourite makes so far include burda top, lots of skirts and am a dab hand at bunting now! Photos will follow at some point hopefully! My aim is to make a dress this year, so have a few months left to do that – and a pattern c/o Tilly, so for now… hopefully watch this space!

Hoping to start posting soon!

Well.. I had good intentions but they just came to an abrupt halt. I will get this blog up and running soon, promise..

The sewing is coming on nicely, have a few projects under my belt now but so so much to learn and so little spare time int he day at the moment. I must do something about that!!

So here’s a start. Lollipop skirt as modelled by the lovely Martha, you’ll get to know her well! A very basic pattern… but lots of fun with fab fabrics!

lollipop 2